Mayfair Ladies Show Off Their Beautiful Nails!

Mayfair residents are treated to pampering and manicures every Saturday.  Activities Assistant Jerrie Moynihan performs her magic using OPI Nail Lacquer and products donated by Salon Owner and Nail Technician Christy Moberly of “Christy and Company” in Lexington.  Residents (yes, men and women!) are so appreciative of the extra-special attention and care that they receive.  Residents pictured with their beautiful manicures are Debbie Harris (wearing Eiffel For This Color!), Genevieve Daniels (sporting Ruby for Rudolph), Helen Kearney (wearing Euro-Mazing!) , LuAnn Rodriguez (wearing St. Petersburgundy), and Linda Hazle (showing Miss O’Leary’s BBQ) .