Ghouls, Ghosts, and a Haunted House at Mayfair!

All kinds of ghosts, ghouls, and superheroes roamed the halls at Mayfair on Halloween!

Patients and staff were “treated” in the Haunted House by the Wicked Witch (Renee Martin), the Mummy (Restorative Assistant Donna Loosemore), the Grim Reaper (Chaplain Jesse Baldridge), Madame Vickie, the Gypsy Fortuneteller (CNA Vickie Kenney), Jason, the Butcher (Housekeeper Kendahl Shoemaker ), the Red Devil (QOL Director Suzy Rupp), and the Evil Clown (Restorative Assistant Debbie Sutton).

Staff also participated in the “Mummy Toilet Paper Wrapping” contest.  Fastest “wrappers” were Laundry Director Darlene Brandenburg and CNA India Bailey.  Patients dressed in their favorite ghoulish costumes, played several games and also won prizes in the “Duck Pond.”