Blessing of the Hands at Mayfair Manor

National Nurses Week and National Nursing Home Week were celebrated by appreciating and caring for those who daily care for so many of our dear patients through the “Blessing of the Hands” services.

I visited our facility on day and night shifts and blessed 11 nursing staff and 1 dietary lady…my “comedy routine” at other times caused one nurse to avoid the activity because she thought I was up to mischief, but she did stick around to observe!

I really feel I got a rich blessing from the experience since I had to come in on the night shift to minister to the sometimes “forgotten folk”…in fact, I brought cookies to both shifts on Friday to honor National Nurses Week, and returned to bring the night shift fresh donuts at close to midnight Saturday night in observance of Mother’s Day.

This has renewed my resolve to visit the night shift at least one time weekly to keep in touch with our loyal night stakeholders! ( I really feel that God’s Hands touched ME through this first time I personally have ever ministered the “Blessing of the Hands.”)

Chaplain Jesse Baldridge
Mayfair Manor