Spring Wellness Fair

Lexington Ky Spring Wellness Fair at Mayfair Manor

Written by Donna Goodman from BMG Group

Sonia did an awesome job planning and promoting the wellness fair!  They saw this as an opportunity to educate the stakeholders but they didn’t stop there. With incentives already in place to attract the stakeholders’ participation Sonia and her team decided to take it one step further! They wanted every stakeholder to participate so they set up their wellness fair Mardi Gras Style!

With Mardi gras music in the atmosphere and prizes to win many Stakeholders circulated the fair! 54 employees participated in the Biometric Screenings, Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage was a relaxing welcome with complimentary massages, Dr. Baker amazed the stakeholders with the latest technology in chiropractic care, and Lexington Foot & Ankle Center taught the stakeholders the importance of podiatric care.  The community spirit component, God’s Pantry Food Bank, was grateful for their help with the donation of canned goods! Bluegrass Pride added a “green component” to the wellness fair. They engaged the stakeholders with an educating recycling game. Edna, a stakeholder, has been working on a recycling initiative for Mayfair Manor. The meeting with Bluegrass Pride has now allowed Edna to put her recycling plans into action. Mayfair is excited their recycling initiative is under way!!

Ideas for next year’s wellness fair are already underway.      Many thanks to Sonia and her team for all their hard work and enthusiasm in making the wellness fair a welcoming and successful event.